Project 52 [Week #12 – December 20th – 26th]

It happened. I didn’t manage to shoot a picture for week 12… I’m hoping that you wont see this blank image very often.


Project 52 [Week #11 – December 13th – 19th]

I’m getting a little lazy. I’m finding it harder and harder to take pictures every week. I happened across these little guys, though.

Project 52 [Week #10 – December 6th – 12th]

‘Tis the season. Christmas is just around the corner.

Project 52 [Week #9 – November 29th – December 5th]

Had to make a trip down to Bobby Dazzler to find a Lava Lamp for my little cousin for Christmas. Could only find those electricity ball things… y’know the ones!

Project 52 [Week #8 – November 22th – 28th]

This year, I’ve been itching to hit the mountain a lot more that I have in the last couple years. And some of the snowboards that belong to myself, my sister Kathy and my other sister, Melissa are leaning against the wall here right beside me.

The boards pictured are: Atomic Tika, Burton Dominant (‘Slick’ version), Forum Devun Walsh, and another Burton Dominant (Diff. year though)

Project 52 [Week #7 – November 15th – 21th]

We had a small dinner with Myself, Melissa, Mick and Kathy for her birthday at Red Robbin. I snapped a quick shot in the waiting area while we were waiting to be seated.

Project 52 [Week #6 – November 8th – 14th]

mjd - 2009.11.14 - 0038

With the winter season officially starting pretty much this weekend locally and up at Whistler, I thought I would break out the old board and include it in this weeks photo.

I didn’t get out to the mountain AT ALL last year, and only TWICE the year before that. I’m really itching to get out on the snow.